Mission & Vision

Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse strives to be a leader in education in the APAC region.  Its vision is to enrich lives with quality learning for tomorrow’s world. Its mission is to empower lives through relevant, sustainable education.

The management team comprises professionals in education and management from Singapore, who hail from the parent group Chip Eng Seng Corporation (“CES”). With total assets of more than S$3 billion, CES is one of Singapore’s leading construction and property groups with businesses spanning across construction, property development and property investment. It has also diversified into international hospitality. In 2018, the Group diversified into education.

Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse is an investor in sustainable education for the long term with the objective to create value in all its investments. Its strategy is to create an ecosystem of education businesses that are diverse and yet complementary.  It is developing deep and wide capabilities to eventually offer an integrated one-stop solution for education by bringing its own companies and other partner companies to enter the markets based on the specific identified market needs. As a company, it is looking to invest sustainably and responsibly in education businesses that will bring superior value to all its stakeholders. It will invest as a strategic partner to add value and to ensure synergy for all the investments made.

Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse ’s focus extends from preschool to higher education and education services, particularly those that leverage technologies in Singapore and internationally. Since Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse ’s inception in 2018, the group has acquired and started various educational initiatives in Singapore and overseas. More information can be found under Our Portfolio.