Swallows and Amazons

At Swallows and Amazons (S&A), learning is meant to be fun. Swallows and Amazons was established with three goals in mind – learning through ‘play’, fostering a love for learning and integrating Emotional Intelligence (EQ) seamlessly into Intelligent Quotient (IQ). Swallows and Amazons wants not only for children to learn, but more importantly to understand the purpose and application of every piece of knowledge learnt.

Swallows and Amazons was established in 2007 when its founder, Ms. Jackie Barkham, came across a beautiful environment consisting a little wild space with wonderful full grown trees in Turf City. Recalling a Children’s Adventure Novel by Arthur Ransome that she read when she was a child about children learning through discovery and exploration, being risk takers, independent learners, open minded, caring, communicators, reflective and EQ-driven, she was inspired to found an Early Learning Centre (ELC) at that very location. Thus, Swallows and Amazons was born.